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Beginners 1

The short form Yang Style consists of 37 positions that are being done in a slow and flowing motion. The short form Yang Style is being divided into three parts: the human, the earth and the heaven part. This refers to T'ai Chi as being a way to (learn to) live in harmony between heaven (yang) and earth (yin) as a human being. In the course Beginners 1 (B1) you will learn the first part of the form, that is actually a complete form in itself. All T'ai Chi principles (being the qualities that are present continually, like relaxation and straightness) will be introduced and practiced.


€ 120,- (repeat € 90,-, students € 75,-)
Participants with a citypass get a 10% discount on the course fee. Payment in installments is possible.



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B2, Roots & Branches or repeat B1

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