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Roots & Branches Qi Gong ©

The Roots & Branches Qi Qong lessons are based on exercises that Prof Cheng Man Ch'ing gave to his patients. Being a master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he often prescribed these exercises as well herbs to help restore their health. In these lessons you will be introduced to the concept of Yin and Yang and the five elements or forces that according to Chinese thought form the basis of all  natural phenomena. These elements are known as water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Together with the seasons as well as our moods and feelings you will learn to recognize and balance these qualities in your own life. The goal is to have all these 5 elements in balance.

You will learn standing positions, movements and massages for each of the 5 elements. The exercises are easy to learn and practice. Daily practice will benefit overal health and specific organs can are being stimulated. You do not need to have prior t'ai chi experience to attend these classes. After a few lessons you will be able to do the exercises by your self. These Qi Gong classes are taught on a drop-in basis. You can pay per lesson or purchase a so called 10-strip card.

Development of the course

Roots & Branches 5 element Qi Gong © combines positions and movements from the T'ai Chi form with the knowledge of the 5 elements of classical 5 elements acupuncture. The course has been developed by Gerrie Sporken and Pat Gorman. Both have a practice in traditional acupuncture and are senior t'ai chi teachers of the School of T'ai Chi Chuan and The T'ai Chi Foundation.