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Cheng man Ch'ing: Master of 5 excellences

Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing (1901-1975) was known as a master of the 5 excellences, being painting, calligraphy, medicine, poetry and T'ai Chi Chuan. As a doctor Prof Cheng treated the wife of T'ai Chi grandmaster Yang Cheng Fu, curing her of a severe illness. This resulted in a close friendship between them and enabled Prof Cheng to practice T'ai Chi for several years under the direct guidance of Yang Cheng Fu.  Professor Cheng was deeply impressed of the curative capacity of T'ai Chi and hence wanted to make it available to a broad public. He simplified the form, reducing the original Long Form with over a 100 postures, into a shorter form, containing of 37 postures, while retaining the essence of the art. His form is known as the Yang Style Short Form. In 1964 he was one of the T'ai Chi masters to bring T'ai Chi to the West. For more information you can go to:www.chengmanching.net