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Sword positions

Below are the names of the 52 sword positions of the sword form as taught by Cheng Man-Ch'ing. As in the empty hand form we move in a fluent way through the positions. 

T’ai-Chi Sword

1. Starting Position.
2. Step Forward Moving Sword and Hand Together.
3. The Divinity Points the Way.
4. Three Rings Around the Moon.
5. The Major “Literary Star.”
6. The Swallow Beats the Water [with its wings]
7. Block and Sweep (Right and Left).
8. The Minor “Literary Star.”
9. The Wasp Enters the Cave.
10. The Alert Cat Catches the Mouse.
11. The Dragonfly Strikes the Water
12. The Swallow Returns to the Nest.
13. The Phoenix Spreads its Wings.
14. Minor Literary Star (Clockwise-Whirling Wind).
15. Attitude of Awaiting the Fish (Counter-Clockwise Whirling Wind).
16. Dividing The Grass in Search of the Snake.
17. Embracing the Moon.
18. The Birds Return to the Forest.
19. The Black Dragon Wags its Tail.
20. The Wind Rolls the Lotus Leaf.
21. The Lion Shakes his Head.
22. The Tiger Holds his Head.
23. The Wild Horse Leaps Over the Stream.
24. Turn Your Body to Stop the Horse (Turn and Rein in).
25. (Needle of) The Compass.
26. Wave the Whisk Broom Against the Wind.
27. Pushing the Boat with the Current.
28. The Shooting Star Chases the Moon.
29. Pegasus (Flying Heavenly Horse); the Spraying Waterfall.
30. Roll up the Screen.
31. Wheels (Left and Right Form).
32. The Swallow Holds Mud in its Beak.
33. The Roc Spreads its Wings.
34. Pick up the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea.
35. Embracing the Moon.
36. The Dragon Spirit (Sea Monster) Searches the Sea.
37. The Rhinoceros Gazing at the Moon.
38. Shoot the Flying Goose.
39. The Green Dragon Stretches its Claws.
40. The Phoenix Spreads Both Wings.
41. Step Forward Right and Left and Block.
42. Shoot the Flying Goose.
43. The White Ape Offers Fruit.
44. The Falling Flowers, Left and Right.
45. The Fair Lady (Goddess) Weaves at the Shuttles.
46. The White Tiger Wags its Tail.
47. The Fish Leaps Over the Gate of the Dragon.
48. The Black Dragon Coils Around the Pillar.
49. The Divinity Points the Way.
50. The Wind Sweeps the Fallen Flower.
51. Holding the Tablet Before Your Bosom.
52. Embracing the Sword and Returning to the Starting Position.