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Studeren en onderwijzen van T'ai Chi Chuan als een weg om de mensheid gezondheid, ontspanning en bewustheid te brengen.

Wie zijn wij? 

The School of Tai Chi Chuan Amsterdam (STCC Amsterdam) is a body of teachers that, as a subset of the T'ai Chi Foundation (TCF), exists to continue the teaching of new hyperlinkCheng Man-Ch'ing style of Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style short form) as passed down by Patrick Watson. STCC Amsterdam has been teaching T'ai Chi classes in Amsterdam since 1977. We have been located in the Kerkstraat since 1979.

The Amsterdam branch of the school today is composed of 18 instructors teaching Tai Chi classes. Each teacher follows the curriculum and team-teaching method developed by Patrick Watson. All teachers are so called apprentices who have gone through the school’s full T'ai Chi form curriculum and then entered into the apprenticeship program, learning to teach each level, one third at a time. We gather together once or twice a year with all the apprentices of the School to continue to learn from Patrick’s senior teachers, practicing Tai Chi Chuan, push hands and sword form.

So as a T'ai Chi teaching school, our school prepares our apprentices through intensive trainings each year. This continued study helps our apprentices maintain a consistency in method: students can study at any of our branches and receive the same careful attention to the principles and details of the art of Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Yang Short Form.

Why Choose Us?

The hallmark of our T'ai Chi school is team-teaching. Our method provides students with a friendly setting where the focus is on the clarity of the course material. Our students report that we teach with a balance of disciplined focus, relaxation, inspiration and humor. 

Foto's leraren

Op deze manier leer je de leraren en ook de school alvast kennen.


Antonia Hendriks    Bas Offerman       Els Eijsens       Ellen Jasper         Gerrie Sporken    Hal Caswell

 Harm Leerling                                          

Harm Leerling      Koen Krikhaar      Leanne Bogers       Mark Isikoff         Ossian Bakker      Sherry Kent


Peter Streef        Petra Bosse           Rene de Haas   Sabine Lucassen           hao Lin            Rani Izhar


Our traceable lineage begins in the Ch’en family where Ch’en Ch’ang-hsien passed Tai Chi to his disciple Yang Lu-shan (1799-1872). Yang style Tai Chi was born and was passed within the family to his sons Pan-hou (1837-1892) and Chien-hou (1839-1917). Master Yang Cheng-fu (1883-1936) was the son of Chien-hou.

Cheng man Ch'ing: Meester van 5 uitmuntendheden

Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing (1901-1975) stond bekend als de meester van de “Five Excellences”, te weten schilderkunst, kalligrafie, geneeskunst, dichtkunst en T’ai Chi Chuan. Als arts behandelde Cheng Man-Ch’ing de echtgenote van T’ai Chi grootmeester Yang Cheng-fu en genas haar van een ernstige ziekte. Hierdoor ontstond er een hechte vriendschap en kwam Professor Cheng in de gelegenheid om enige jaren dagelijks enkele uren T’ai Chi met Yang Cheng-fu te beoefenen. Zo vervolmaakte hij zijn T'ai Chi en bereikte meesterschap. Professor Cheng was onder de indruk van de heilzame werking van T’ai Chi en hij wilde T’ai Chi daarom toegankelijk maken voor een breed publiek. Hij versimpelde de vorm met behoud van de essentie. Zijn vorm, wordt de Yang Stijl Korte Vorm genoemd. In 1930 publiceerde hij een boek met daarin een gedetailleerde beschrijving van de bewegingen, iets wat in die tijd ongebruikelijk was. Later, in 1960, breekt hij opnieuw de traditie door T’ai Chi Chuan naar het Westen te brengen. Als je meer wilt weten:www.chengmanching.net

Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson *(1935-1992) already had a long history with martial arts, Hawaiian swimming, and the theater when he began to study with Cheng Man-Ch’ing in 1966. He studied with him for nine years, becoming one of his eight most senior disciples. In 1975 Patrick founded the School of Tai Chi Chuan (STCC) specifically to train teachers of Tai Chi Chuan. Over the next sixteen years, Patrick guided the STCC in its growth as an international school with branches in seven countries.

Patrick was a master teacher, always teaching, taking every opportunity to illustrate Tai Chi awareness. Patrick realized that in order for this teaching to flourish, it would need to transcend the limitations of his individual personality as well as his genius. He developed the “team-teaching method”. He saw beyond his own ego gratification and actively encouraged us to teach his beginning students in order to build a whole school. Team teaching accelerated our process which was further enriched through the meditative and self-reflective work of mystic-philosopher Oscar Ichazo.

In 1992 Patrick passed away and left the School of Tai Chi Chuan to continue his legacy. We have both struggled and grown while finding our new identity. Now years after his death, we still share a strong sense of continuity. We enjoy working together in a historic league of many teachers instead of one. We are very aware of the responsibility handed to us to uphold our part of this lineage. We seek to embody Tai Chi, to honor the spirit of this exquisite art, nd to share what we know with others.


Oscar Ichazo, founder of the Arica School, was another of Patrick’s teachers. The Arica work provides many spiritual, emotional, mental and physical tools which promote the development of one’s Tai Chi practice. Many of the teachers in our School are also students of the Arica work. This work is the basis of much of our team-teaching method. Learn more about Arica at www.arica.org