The School of T’ai Chi Chuan Amsterdam

Embrace the Earth Tuning

28 days | 7 September  –  4 October 2019
It’s time for the newest seasonal tuning! It’s time to connect.
We warmly invite you to join the Embrace Earth Tuning during which we will center ourselves for four weeks.  Join with new and old friends to experience harmony within yourself and within a community of tai chi practitioners generating qi together. 

Check for the video’s and indications and sign up.

3 – 10 JANUARI 2019

(teachers only)
For information, registration and payment go to the winter training webpage


If you would like to offer people of your organisation or just a group of friends a T’ai Chi workshop we will happily organize that for you. It’s a great way to empty the head and get into the body and also to connect with and learn about both yourself and your collegues or friends. Experience has taught us that even working for just an hour or so with a group can bring about a quality and level of relaxation that most people have not known before. The workshop can be taught in our own location on the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam, in a public open space or any location to your liking. Recently we have organized these kind of sessions for LinkedIn, Dolby int, Nissan, the Nederlandse Bank, Randstad Holding and for Euro Tank.

You can reach us at and we’ll be in touch.

Tai Chi in the Oosterpark

Starting Wednesday 10th of July there will be free Tai Chi sessions in the Oosterpark from 19:30 – 20:45. We gather at the Music Dome. Anyone can join but these are not regular classes but guided practice sessions. The sessions will run until the end of August. Only in case of very bad weather conditions there will be no practice.