The School of T’ai Chi Chuan Amsterdam

Tai Chi for beginners

In the course Beginners 1 (B1) you will learn the first third of the form, which is actually a complete form in itself.
All principles of Tai Chi – qualities that are continuously present, such as relaxation and straightness – are discussed.

The short form of Yang style consists of 37 positions that are executed in a slow and smooth movement.
The form is divided into three parts: that of man, earth and heaven.
Referring to Tai Chi as a way to (learn to) live in harmony between heaven (yang) and earth (yin).

At Wednesday April 24 a new beginners course will start

18:30 – 19:30
starts April 24
last class June 26

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Dao & Cycles Qi Gong

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Dao & Cycles Qi Gong is an exploration of the movement and qualities of Qi in our body, mind and spirit.
It is a form of qigong. Through certain Tai Chi postures and movements, we focus on our vital energy, how it moves through our body and how we may overcome certain blockages. In different seasons we address different qualities to harmonize ourselves with the natural world around us.

Working with gentle qigong exercises, we can become aware of these qualities helping us to make changes in our lives.

Central in the course is the cycle of transformation. It offers you an exploration of your personal emotions and thoughts.
Emotions and thoughts are an important part of our lives and our health. Ideally, in health, we feel the wave of an emotion or a string of thoughts arises and then falls to make space for the next emotion or thought. However, when an emotion or thought arises and gets stuck and does not move anymore, it interferes with our health. When emotions get stagnant, life can become an “emotional soup,” as one unbalanced emotion leads to another and yet another.

Each session begins and end with the basic Qi Gong exercises to generate Qi.

This course is open to all, from beginning and to more advanced Tai Chi player. No previous Tai Chi experience is required